The power to create change

My goal as an artist activist consultant is to address issues of social justice using a variety of art forms.  I have experience assisting artists with developing social justice projects focused on their particular art and in assisting organizations with developing arts based activities to advance their social justice objectives.

I can assist artists by guiding the creative exploration and envisioning of artistic activities that inspire, inform and build community.  I use grass roots based methods of organizing, collaborating and facilitation that help artists understand the difference between art aimed at inspiring, informing or educating, changing perceptions and public opinion, and community building art projects that invite public participation in art projects.

I help organizations understand the power of art to create change by guiding them in developing projects that will best suit their social justice goals.  I can assist organizations with finding and selecting skilled artists who are proficient as artist activists and help coordinate community art projects.

I can work one on one as a consultant and/or present workshops for groups interested in art for social change or community building.